Policies and Procedures – Intake

I-1 Upon initial contact by a potential claimant or a referral agent BCA will document basic demographic information: see BCA 1.

I-2 If the contact is by a referral agent, a letter introducing the BCA: see BCA 2, to the referral will be sent along with a BCA brochure, and brochures explaining Safer Place and counseling services.

I-3 A letter to the referral agent will be sent acknowledging their referral see BCA 3.

I-4 If the original contact is a self referral, a letter introducing the BCA: see BCA 4, to the referral will be sent along with a BCA brochure, and brochures explaining Safer Place and counseling services.

I-5 The referral will be assigned a case number and be entered into a data base. This information will include name, address, date of birth, referral source and date of referral.

I-6 Upon a direct contact by a referral, a date for the claim consultant to meet the referral will be established. This meeting place must be in a place that offers a confidential setting, and is convenient for the referral. The referral will be informed that they can invite a friend or family member to accompany them if they wish. We encourage that one of the DOL Career Centers be used for this purpose. If the referral expresses a strong desire to meet in their home, the program director will be consulted to discuss security.

I-7 Once a meeting time has been established, a confirmation letter (see BCA 5) will be sent to the referral with an attached list of things to consider in preparation of their meeting (see BCA 6).

I-8 The purpose of the initial meeting will be to explain the claims process and the options the claimant may exercise during the process such as the use of video tape as the medium for their claim. Key issues that need to be discussed during this meeting are:

1. Steps of the process
2. Eligibility
3. Confidentiality
4. Release of confidential information
5. Public record of the claim once it is submitted for consideration by the panel
6. Appeal rights and the role of the Board
7. Schedule of process (time involved)
8. The claimant’s discretion and responsibility for the content of the claim. What goes to the Compensation Panel as a claim is the final decision of the claimant
9. The role of the Claims Consultant
10. The role of the Panel
11. Affirmation of Truth?
12. The release of liability for the State upon payment of the claim
13. Deadline of March 2006
14. Apology
15. Support services
16. If the person decides to submit a claim without the benefit of a claim consultant, they are free to do so.

I-9 An additional purpose for this meeting is to assess the person’s need for support services, and make the appropriate referral if requested.

I-10 Updated Support List

Cathy Abernathy Ph.D. (private practice)
Windham: 892-2047 V/TTY
(with interpreter)

Shana Cohen
Community Counseling Center
874-1030 V
874-1044 TTY