Policies and Procedures – Application

A-1 If a person decides to submit a claim for compensation a compensation claim application: (see BCA 7) will be filled out and signed by the claimant.

A-2 This should only be done when the person considering the submission of a claim has been made fully aware of the claim process and their rights and responsibilities throughout the process.

A-3 The claimant will be reminded that it is their decision as to what information will go into the claim for the Compensation Panel. The claims consultant’s job is to assist the claimant to tell their story and help get other important information to support their claim.

A-4 The claimant will also be informed that if they wish to submit a claim without the benefit of a claims consultant they are free to do so.

A-5 The more information the Compensation Panel has about the abuse and the effect of the abuse on the claimant’s life; the stronger the claim.

A-6 One critical piece of information will be the documentation that the claimant attended GBSD or MSD. In order for the school to release this information as well as any other important records regarding the claimant, a signed and dated release of confidential information form (see BCA 8) must be submitted to the school.

A-7 Any other information that the claimant and/or the claims consultant may think is important such as interviews with the Attorney General’s office, Department of Human Services, Department of Education; or medical records, therapy meeting records, or counseling records should also be obtained using the BCA 8 release of confidential information form. These releases should be filled out and signed at the time of application.

A-8 Form (BCA 9) reflecting our policy on confidentiality will be reviewed with the claimant. Once the claimant has been informed of the policy they will sign and date the form A-9 Copies of all releases will be placed in the claimant’s file.

A-10 Any costs associated with the gathering of information may be authorized by the claims consultant. Invoices for this service should be sent directly to the administrative secretary, signed by the claims consultant, and forwarded to the Department of Financial Services for payment.