Board Meeting Minutes

Board Meeting Minutes for 12/23/02

December 23, 2002
Augusta Career Center
Augusta, Maine


Board Member Attendance: John Paterson (chair), Robert Murray, Lois Reckitt, Steve Rich

Staff Attendance: John Shattuck (Program Director), Jason Nichols, Echo Smith, Meg London, David Norman, Shari Majeski, Marsha Swain (CART Services), Betsy Reifman, Laurie Rothfeld (interpreters)

Audience Attendance: Jan DeVinney, Jon Connick

1. The BCA Board meeting convened at 1:30 PM

2. Upon review, the Board voted to accept the minutes of the December 9th meeting.

3. Director’s Update:

· Compensation Panel-advertisements have been placed in the Deaf Digest, National Association for the Deaf, and American Annals for the Deaf. To date, we have received 9 inquiries and 4 resumes. The Board has decided to postpone the January 6th meeting and use Tuesday, January 21st as the next Board meeting date for interviewing compensation panel candidates. An interview schedule will be set up for that day. The Board also requested that the compensation panel questions used for previous candidates be sent to the new candidates with a return date that would allow a review of answers by Board members before the 21st. The Program Director will also contact Sara Treat to request her participation.

· Claims Status-72 files have been recorded with 45 applications submitted.

· Legislative Agenda-the Program Director shared an e-mail to Senator Sharon Treat who has agreed to sponsor legislation under the titles “An Act To Improve the Administration of the Baxter Compensation Program” and “An Act to Ensure the State’s Commitment to Former Students of the Governor Baxter School for the Deaf and the Maine School for the Deaf Who Suffered from Physical or Sexual Abuse”. BCA Chair, John Paterson also proposed language to be added to the legislative package to address the “appeal” section of the BCA statute. It was decided to forward this proposal to Senator Treat. Also discussed was the unresolved issue of the BCA accepting a claim from an estate. It was recommended that the question be introduced by Senator Treat to the legislature as a request for clarification of statutory intent. The question will be posed to Senator treat without the BCA taking any position. It was also suggested that the question be included in the report to the Governor.

· Previous Awards or Settlements-the issue of whether or not a person who has received a previous settlement can put forth a claim was discussed again. The Board suggested that the claims consultants and panel members be instructed that information regarding relevant previous awards should be in the claim, and a part of the panel’s decision regarding the amount of an award. The Board instructed the Program Director to draft a policy regarding previous awards for consideration at the next Board meeting.

· Annual Report-the Program director informed the Board that a draft report to go to the Governor, Attorney General and the Judiciary Committee has been completed and provided to John Paterson. It has been requested that the draft be sent to all Board members for comment. The report is due on January 15th 2003.

4. Contract with Compensation Panel Members-the Board considered a request by Meg London to have her per diem payments sent to her employer Family Crisis Services. It was suggested that we could only respond to this request if the BCA had a contract with Family Crisis Services. The Board considered the proposal to have Meg London participate as a member on the compensation panel through a service contract with Family Crisis Services and voted accordingly. As the Executive Director of Family Crisis Services, BCA Board member Lois Reckitt abstained from voting.

5. Budget-the Program Director provided a revised budget 11-21-02. It was requested that future budgets reflect the actual dates of the quarters and titles for those figures which are actual or projected.

6. Next Meeting-Tuesday, January 21st, 2003. Augusta Career Center 1:00-5:00 PM